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Robert M. Kaplan

Robert M. Kaplan is a forensic psychiatrist, writer and speaker. He has given talks on cruise liners, at public functions, conferences and seminars.

He has also been on television and radio to discuss current issues.

Some events where he spoke include Mind & Its Potential Conference (Darling Harbour, November 2012); Armenian and Assyrian Genocide Commemorations; Holocaust seminars (Sydney Jewish Museum); Crime and Justice Writers Festival (Melbourne 2009); Occam’s Razor (ABC Radio National).

Regular topics include crime, history, lifestyle and psychiatric issues.

Current Topic List

  • What was wrong with Hitler? The Mind and Body of the German Dictator
  • The Shocking Mr Silver: The Story of Joe Silver, sex slaver, psychopath, serial killer and likely candidate for Jack the Ripper
  • Jack Ruby: A forensic review
  • Prelude to Breivik: The trial of Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian Dictator during World War 11
  • Humphry Osmond: A Radical and Conventional Psychiatrist. The man who gave us the word psychedelic
  • Murder by Medical Malice: A History of Doctors Who Kill
  • A history of serial killing
  • Murder by Sleep: Crimes & Tragedies that occur during the night
  • Freud, Jews & Judaism: A history of the Jews of Eastern Europe as exemplified by the life of Sigmund Freud
  • Dr Harold Shipman: Sought-after GP and worst serial killer in UK history
  • Electric Minds: An examination of the brains of Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh and Teodor Dostoyevsky
  • How to be Human: A Series of talks on human evolution and the features that make us unique
  • Sleep: The State that occupies one-third of our lives
  • Psychiatry for Beginners: An Introduction to psychiatric disorders and their management
  • Syphilis, Sex and Psychiatry: A history of the disorder that changed society
  • Discontent, a Beginners Guide: An introduction to depression, anxiety and anger
  • Three Movie Reviews: The King’s Speech; Sybil; A Dangerous Method
  • The Prehistory of Human Behaviour: shamanism, schizophrenia and rock art
  • The first and second century of schizophrenia