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Forensic Psychiatrist
Graduate School of Medicine University of Wollongong

A/Prof Robert M. Kaplan – Forensic Psychiatrist


Dr Robert M. Kaplan

Robert M. Kaplan

A/Prof Robert M. Kaplan, Forensic Psychiatrist, works out of two locations in NSW; other venues by arrangement only:

  • Wollongong (332 Crown St)
  • Sydney (16 Vernon St, Bondi Junction)
  • Interstate (eg., Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane)
  • Home visits by arrangement


Positions held by Prof Kaplan have been

  • Authorised Assessor of Impairment, NSW Workers Compensation Commission
  • Motor Accidents Assessor, Motor Accident Authority of NSW
  • Authorised Assessor, Comcare (Federal)
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Honorary Clinical Associate Professor, Graduate School of Medicine, University Wollongong

Services provided and CV

Medico-legal Reports
  • Workers Compensation
  • Motor Accidents Authority
  • Third Party
  • Criminal
  • Academic (university and TAFE)
  • Income Protection
  • Probate
  • Immigration & Detention
  • Government (DOCS, Tax Office, Centrelink)
  • Traffic, Theft, Violence, Drug & Alcohol and Sexual Offence
File Review
  • File review is an economical and effective means of dealing with difficult cases, assisting claims assessors who are often overwhelmed with reports reaching contradictory findings, hostile or uncooperative file behaviour, obstructive legal tactics, embellish mentor malingering, interpreting psychological or psychiatric reports, or uncooperative TD's acting as an advocate for the claimant
  • File Review can be done on-site or away
  • An important aspect of file review is discussing the problems and findings with the staff, either personally or via teleconference
  • File review, done on a pro rata basis, is a rapid and economical means of resolving intractable or urgent cases
Supervision, Teaching, In-service
  • Legal officers
  • Insurance claims assessors
  • In-service teaching for probation, welfare workers, customer service officers, rehabilitation coordinators, occupational RTW providers
  • Med-legal CV (PDF)
  • Academic CV (PDF)
  • Writing CV (PDF)
  • Speaker List (PDF)